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  • The Virtual Agent Program has streamlined my life insurance business. It takes most of the admin work and shifts it to my case Efinancial assistant/case manager. All I have to do is focus on prospecting and leave the back-office stuff to them!
    Independent Agent
  • Before joining the Efinancial Virtual Agent program I was not a productive agent. Without my assistant and case manager, I never had time to make sales and do all of the necessary paper work and follow up with my clients. As a part time agent, my time is extremely limited and I need it all to be making contacts with potential clients. The VA program allowed me to be a success in this business!
    Independent Agent
  • Thank you so much for your support! Efinancial has absolutely changed the way I view my practice. Only now do I see how much of my day was bogged down with paperwork and time consuming follow ups. With the help of Efinancial, I now can spend my time on what matters most… selling! I anticipate that my case volume with continue to increase and I thank you for making that possible.
    Independent Agent


You Need the Right Partnerships to Grow your Life Insurance Business

My life insurance career started in 2002, when I entered it as a captive agent for one of the largest insurance companies in the country. I was a good sales agent, but I wasn’t happy. I felt like a “captive” in the other sense of the word: captive to a business model that required me to constantly sell, sell, sell the benefits of having life insurance to anyone I could make an appointment with.Some of them didn’t want to buy life insurance, even if they could afford it and their families might have benefitted. Read more

Selling Universal Life Products

Advantages of Selling Universal Life Products A universal life policy is a type of whole life insurance which also acts as an investment vehicle to the insured. In the difficult current financial environment, people are having more trouble than ever saving for and reaching retirement. A universal life policy can actually be a major aid in that regard. With universal life insurance, life insurance sales become easier for the producer. Here are some of the benefits that make universal life policies advantageous for the insured, and in turn for the producer trying to sell them. Read more

Selling Accelerated Death Benefits | Diversifying your Sales Book

Diversifying your Life Insurance Sales Book with Accelerated Death Benefit As you know, diversifying your life insurance sales book is a good idea because it expands your revenue source. Using the Accelerated Death Benefit (ADB) to diversify your life insurance sales is a win-win for you and your client. Read more

Life Insurance Barometer Study Released

As a life insurance broker, you may worry about the ability for consumers to research and buy life insurance online. You don’t want the online life insurance world to take business away from you.  However, a recent study has shown that only 23% of consumers actually want to research and buy a life insurance policy online.  Read more