The Automated Life Insurance Sales System (ALISS)

Automated Life Insurance Sales System (ALISS) and life insurance CRM from Efinancial Wholesale

The Life Insurance Sales Solution you have been looking for.

ALISS is the Life Insurance Industry’s most advanced and intuitive management system for agents & agencies. The ALISS solution goes beyond client management. It provides a solution that will streamline your tasks, provide automated updates & reports, and increase your sales.

With the ALISS Life Insurance CRM you will be able to:

  • Run quotes, process applications, and order medical exams all from one platform
  • Track customer interactions to formulate insight that can increase leads, retention and revenue
  • Schedule to dos and follow ups to optimize response
  • Purchase leads with seamless integration

To learn more click here to register for one of our free live ALISS webinars. If you have any questions, contact an ALISS representative today toll free at 866-436-8645 or by email at