You Need the Right Partnerships to Grow your Life Insurance Business

My life insurance career started in 2002, when I entered it as a captive agent for one of the largest insurance companies in the country. I was a good sales agent, but I wasn’t happy. I felt like a “captive” in the other sense of the word: captive to a business model that required me to constantly sell, sell, sell the benefits of having life insurance to anyone I could make an appointment with.Some of them didn’t want to buy life insurance, even if they could afford it and their families might have benefitted.

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Selling Universal Life Products

Advantages of Selling Universal Life Products

A universal life policy is a type of whole life insurance which also acts as an investment vehicle to the insured. In the difficult current financial environment, people are having more trouble than ever saving for and reaching retirement. A universal life policy can actually be a major aid in that regard. With universal life insurance, life insurance salesbecome easier for the producer. Here are some of the benefits that make universal life policies advantageous for the insured, and in turn for the producer trying to sell them.
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Selling Accelerated Death Benefits | Diversifying your Sales Book

Diversifying your Life Insurance Sales Book with Accelerated Death Benefit

As you know, diversifying your life insurance sales book is a good idea because it expands your revenue source. Using the Accelerated Death Benefit (ADB) to diversify your life insurance sales is a win-win for you and your client.

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Life Insurance Barometer Study Released

As a life insurance broker, you may worry about the ability for consumers to research and buy life insurance online. You don’t want the online life insurance world to take business away from you.  However, a recent study has shown that only 23% of consumers actually want to research and buy a life insurance policy online. 

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Why Use a Life Insurance CRM?

As your life insurance business starts to succeed, it can be more difficult to keep track of multiple clients. Before you start to struggle with  which client is at which point of the sales process, consider using a life insurance CRM and sales solution like Efinancial Wholesale’s Automated Life Insurance Sales System (ALISS).

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3 Reasons to Attend Life Insurance Training and Continuing Education

Even the most veteran life insurance agents could benefit from life insurance training and continuing education. As a successful life insurance agent, you probably understand the basic ins and outs of the industry, but additional training and education can have many benefits, some of which we share today. 

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Tips to Consider When Diversifying

Are you thinking of diversifying your business and selling a wider variety of life insurance products? We have some tips on diversifying that you may want to consider before you start the process. 

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Life Insurance Apps for Agents

You’ve spent the money for a tablet or smart phone, so log off of Facebook, stop playing games and start using it for your business. Apps can help save you time, money and help you be more organized. We have found some of the best apps for life insurance agents below.

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Three Ways to Convert Life Insurance Leads

So you’ve gotten life insurance leads through a paid lead generator or organic website visits. But now what? It’s up to you to convert them into sales. We’ve got three tips on how to convert leads into solid sales.

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How To Find Organic Life Insurance Leads

Organic leads are leads that come to you or your website naturally, through an Internet search engine, social media or links on other websites. Organic leads can be more cost-effective than paid leads, since they occur naturally, but do require a well thought out marketing plan and strategy.

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