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Call Centers

Efinancial provides easy integrations, training, exclusive products and support designed for selling Term Life Insurance over the phone.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the amazing tools Efinancial has to offer your Call Center, click on the Get Started link below to find out more!

  • Highest quality live transfer leads
    • Easily plug your call center into our system and start selling!
  • Free call center CRM
    • ALISS- Call Center Sales system dedicated for selling Term Life Insurance over the phone
  • Call center training
    • Specialized Call Center training for selling term life insurance over the phone
    • The Habits of successful selling
    • How to get referral customers and increase your sales opportunities
    • How to Sell Non Medical Life Insurance
    • Online marketing tips for call centers to generate leads
  • Efinancial underwriting hotline
    • Call 1.800.648.9504 to get in touch with your UW team
  • Reporting matrix for your call center
  • Top rated & exclusive products
    • We designed products specifically for call center Life Insurance sales
    • Our products are easy to sell making the process for clients easier than ever
  • Dedicated, high quality back office support
    • Plug your call center into our back office and let our team of Case Managers and Policy Issue Specialists do the rest
  • Call center contracting licensing offering
    • Process your state licensing through Efinancial and get dedicated support for your carrier appointments
  • Call center sales contests
    • We have exclusive Vacation Destination Sales Contests and incentives for Call Centers
  • Call center pay schedule
    • Efinancial can offer you our learnings on how to best maximize your agents performance on selling life insurance products over the phone.


  • The Virtual Agent Program has streamlined my life insurance business. It takes most of the admin work and shifts it to my case Efinancial assistant/case manager. All I have to do is focus on prospecting and leave the back-office stuff to them!
    Independent Agent
  • Before joining the Efinancial Virtual Agent program I was not a productive agent. Without my assistant and case manager, I never had time to make sales and do all of the necessary paper work and follow up with my clients. As a part time agent, my time is extremely limited and I need it all to be making contacts with potential clients. The VA program allowed me to be a success in this business!
    Independent Agent
  • Thank you so much for your support! Efinancial has absolutely changed the way I view my practice. Only now do I see how much of my day was bogged down with paperwork and time consuming follow ups. With the help of Efinancial, I now can spend my time on what matters most… selling! I anticipate that my case volume with continue to increase and I thank you for making that possible.
    Independent Agent