Lead Program

We at Efinancial are always looking for cutting edge tools and technology to help our agents sell. We have teamed up with The Lead Republic to provide our agents with a simple and easy way to manage and buy life insurance leads within a single platform.

Efinancial Wholesale partners with The Lead Republic for life insurance sales leads

The Lead Republic offers live transfers to help agents focus their time on writing business. We screen through thousands of recent life insurance inquiries and follow strict guidelines to help agents connect with high potential prospects. From lead generation to live transfers, we have assembled a team of talented industry experts to facilitate this program with an emphasis on quality and integrity in every step of the process. If you have been in the market for a program to help increase efficiency and profitability, look no further.

Program Details

  • Manage Your Transfers Online
  • Turn Transfers On/Off at your Convenience
  • Verified and Prescreened Prospects
  • Reporting/Tracking Capability
  • Nationwide/Regional/Local Campaigns
  • CRM Integration

Hours of Operation for Transfers:
Monday - Friday: 6:00AM - 6:00PM Pacific
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

Contact Our Sales Team for Additional Info:
Call: 866-712-2363 Opt. 1

About TheLeadRepublic.com

The Lead Republic can be found on the Web at www.theleadrepublic.com. For information about the parent company, please click here.